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ComVida EMS / CVC PR 2020B Tax Rates

ComVida is pleased to announce that the 2020B tax rates have been released.

We have updated the BC Provincial Tax rates for the remainder of the 2020 tax year to include a new tax bracket.

  • For 2020 and subsequent years, a new top marginal rate of 20.5% is introduced for British Columbia tax filers with incomes over $220,000. The new bracket will be indexed starting in 2021.

Clients hosted on Adaptive Technologies received the tax tables on Thursday, July 2. The new rates will not be used until you update the “TaxYear” in Payroll Settings. For more information on the 2020B tax tables, please contact the Helpdesk.

ComVida is pleased to present version!

ComVida is pleased to announce that CVC is ready for release. This update focused on two key areas:

  • Performance enhancements to the Email Pay Slips tool in Payroll.
  • Confirmation prompts in the Shift Handle and Multiple Change Scheduling tools.
For more information on the new features, please contact the Helpdesk.

ComVida is very proud to introduce you to CVC51

This major upgrade features a new look and feel with a focus on enhancing overall usability and accessibility, simplifying scheduling and payroll roles, and informing and empowering users.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Innovative User Interface – Ease of use has been enhanced with new grids, batch updates, one-click saves, context menus, re-sizable pages and the ability to have multiple pages open simultaneously.
  • Communications Hub – The new Communications Hub includes a revamped Notifications system along with direct access to Call Records, Operator Notes and Page Notes. Text messages and bulk announcements are easy to create and manage.
  • Text and Voice Messaging Options – Everything from Bulk Vacant Shift notifications to Departmental announcements can be sent via text, voice and email, as well as through internal notifications, and employees can accept or decline offers simply be responding to the message.
  • Enhanced Skill Set and Training Management - The ability to import and export Employee Skill Sets, along with the automated Skill Set check in the new Background Job Agent, make tracking Skills and Certifications easier than ever.
  • Updated Add Employee Tool - The Add Employee tool in HR now includes all of the fields needed to on-board new hires in one step.
  • New Scheduling Views - New Department Monthly and Employee Attendance pages, as well as updated Daily & Weekly Budget pages, and new reporting options, give Schedulers easier and better ways to manage employee assignments.
  • Simplified Payroll Processing – Along with batch entry enhancements, this update features additional payment processing options, required items handling and simplified earnings proportionation.

For a detailed list of the many features included in this release, please refer to the CVC51 What's New document included in your release package. For more information on the new messaging options, please contact the Helpdesk.